Wednesday, January 4, 2017

5 Ways to Stylishly Rock Gym Shorts (For Men)

Get in a casual t-shirt, short/trouser and sports shoe - and just like that men are ready to rock next hour or two at the gym, clanging and banging. However, for the fashion-forward bunch, things are tad longer (and thoughtful). After all it is they who set in new trends that the rest follows.

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Are you fashion-forward?

Here are 5 simple ways to style-up gym shorts like a pro, if yes-

  • With baggy t-shirts- While, at times, baggy t-shirts at the gym might not be an ideal choice performance-wise, they look good when paired up with plain shorts and capris. So if you dig a casual look, big tees are your thing.
  • With casual hoodies- Nothing too fancy; a simple casual hoodie with gym shorts can bring out your best-self. Team the duo and swag an effortless “just woke up” appearance.
  • Shorts over tights- Shorts over tights offers you a clean look that of real athletes. Today, fortunately, leggings for men have come in the mainstream. You can buy from a wide assortment; although stick to the black ones, or varieties that complements your short.
  • Going sock less- When in shorts, going sock less is the right choice, unless you risk looking like a puberty-struck, school-going kid. So avoid socks; good quality shoes these days offer ample cushioning and good wicking.
  • Roll up the shorts- Rolling up the shorts or capris offers a clean appearance; it also helps in the fitting. And it isn’t just for the ladies anymore. Roll them up to a desired length.
These are 5 simple ways to rock men’s shorts at the gym like a fashionista. Of course for them to work, you must buy good gym shorts online in the first place. But given so many retail brands exist today, it won’t be a tough task.

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